After a period of several months of study and discussion, on 1 April 2002 the Wesley-Luther student group decided to become a reconciling campus ministry.  The specific wording of the above statements was developed by the WL Council.  Submitted to the WL Board of Directors on 24 April 2002 as information and for confirmation.

Statement of Reconciliation*

All persons are individuals of sacred worth. We affirm without reservation Jesus’ example of unconditional love. We covenant to be a pathway of grace to all who are wounded, and to deal compassionately and justly with each other. Therefore, this inclusive and nurturing community of faith will continue to welcome and offer sanctuary to all persons. of the UNCG community of any age, gender, race, ethnic origin, economic reality, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, diverse ability, or social standing as full participants in the life of Wesley-Luther, a reconciling campus ministry.

The Affirmation of Welcome**

As a community of the people of God, we are called to minister to all people of our world, knowing that the world is often an unloving place of alienation and brokenness.  Christ calls us to reconciliation and wholeness.  We are challenged by the Gospel to be agents of healing within our society. We affirm with the apostle Paul that in Christ “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female” (Galatians 3:28).  Christ extends also to those whose affection orientation is toward a person of the same gender. We affirm the people of all sexual orientations share with all others the worth that comes from being unique individuals created by God and are welcome as full participants in the worship and life of Wesley-Luther Campus Ministry.

*(registered with the Reconciling Ministries Network, an organization of United Methodists)

**(registered with Lutherans Concerned)