The SOP is your Pantry

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The SOP (Spartan Open Pantry) has become the largest college pantry in the state of North Carolina.  We depend week in and week out on the support of our incredible staff and student volunteers, who not only staff the SOP and the clothing room, but also give most of the food we provide each week – nearly $1000 dollars worth.  Never volunteer before?  Here are some ideas of how to get involved.

  • You may come to work distribution hours on Tuesdays from 5:00-9:00 pm at College Place UMC. This is on the corner of Spring Garden and Tate Street. This opportunity involves checking dates, shelving food, folding laundry and other small cleaning tasks.  Volunteer slots fill quickly so email early.
  • You can take a laundry bag home with you to wash. We provide the detergent. You can pick up the bag during distribution hours and drop it off the next week.  This means every person picking up clothing has clean clothes without the worry of allergies.
  • You can help pick up the food around campus. This once to twice a week on Tuesdays. It takes about an hour and involves walking to the 8 different drop off locations around campus to pick up the food with the green SOP cart.  If you see the cart around campus say hello!
  • You can organize a food drive. If you live on campus you can contact your RA an possibly have a food drive on your hall or in your dorm. If you are in a club on campus you could ask everyone to bring a canned food item with them to your next event. You could also ask your boss at work if you can set out a collection box for a few weeks. And these are just a few ways to have a food drive.

Look for more exciting news about Minerva’s Garden and Minerva’s Pantry, which will be bringing fresh local fruits and vegetables to the Spartan community in 2015.

If you have any questions or are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Emily Saine at to schedule a time to volunteer.

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