Wesley-Luther small groups are constantly changing semester to semester to best fit the current students involved in the program.  We typically have at least one large group study a week as well as an opportunity for first year students to hang out together.  If you have an idea of a small group that you would like to help run please reach out to the staff.  In the past we have had anything from prayer activities, worship circles, to workout/ yoga groups.

The Fall 2017 Schedule will be posted after the first week of school.  We use the first week to ask students when are the best times to meet for them.

Fall 2016 Small Group Schedule:


Animate Bible 4pm ACM room 115:  This is for any first year student whether that means this is your first year in college or this is your first year at UNCG.  For more information check out the First Year tab off small groups.


First Year Dinner at the Cafe 5:30pm:  We want to put an emphasis on first year students since it is a huge transition starting college so we try and give as much support as we can.  This is simply a social event, no scheduled deep conversation or discussion topic.  Let’s just eat dinner together on Wednesdays!

Large Group Bible Study 7pm ACM, Herin Lounge:  This study will be lead by a handful of pastors and friends of the ministry this semester on rotation so it will always be a bit different.  We are going through a video series and everyone is invited.