Spring Break

One way that Wesley-Luther sets itself a part from other campus ministries is that we spend all year integrating service into our regular programing and use Spring Break as a time for reflection, prayer, and devotions.  We travel with a large group to Myrtle Beach during Spring Break to learn more about our faith.  As we cook most of our meals together everyone gets a chance to create close bonds with the whole group.


This trip usually includes a visit to Brookgreen Gardens which has one of the largest labyrinths on the east coast.  Labyrinths are a maze with one entrance leading one path to one exit.  People use them to walk mindlessly through the path while they reflect, pray, or even clear their minds and have time for silence.  We gather after completing the labyrinth to discuss before visiting the rest of the beautiful Brookgreen Garden property.

Medieval Times 2015

We cannot forget to have a bit of classic tourist fun while we are at Myrtle Beach, so we attend Medieval Times!  We have yet to be in the winning section, but cross your fingers for next year!  This is something that everyone who has gone before always looks forward to.  Eating with your hands while watching a play with horses and sword fighting, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Leader Retreats

Once a semester Wesley Luther student leaders attend a Leadership Retreat.  We use these as an opportunity to learn and talk to faith leaders in our community, complete Strengths Finder and discuss the outcomes, work through UNCG’s Bronze Leadership course, brainstorm programing changes, and understanding how our beliefs work toward making Wesley-Luther a community that gives and receives unconditional love.

Wesley-Luther has many opportunities to be a leader in the community.  There is an application and interview to join a core group of student leaders.  If you are interested please let us know and check out our LEAD section of the website.

Check the website and calendar for information and upcoming retreat or email for more information.