Pre-Sunday Night Live

Sunday Night Live is our weekly worship service starting at 8pm.  We have time for fellowship about 30 minutes before including snacks in the lobby entrance area of College Place UMC underneath the bell tower on the corner of Spring Garden St. and Tate St.


Once a month, we plan a fun trip for a Friday night. Some of these trips have included going to Celebration Station, bowling, and movie nights.  It is a great chance to get off campus and forget about the stresses of school for a few hours.  If you have an idea for a TGIF let us know!

Game Nights

What’s better than a night of Mario Kart, Catchphrase, or Apples-to-Apples? These are held at the beginning of each semester to welcome new and old members back to a new semester.  Game Nights take place in the Wesley-Luther lounge or room 214 in the ACM building


With a great sound system, professional lighting, and a fog machine We-Lu has very popular dances.  Come out and let loose for a night!  We-Lu hosts 2 dances each year, Halloween Dance in the Fall and Zombie Prom in the Spring.  Zombie Prom is well known around campus as an opportunity to have fun right before Spring exams.

Movie Nights

Every few Fridays we host a themed movie night in the lounge.  Snacks and a funny movie are a great way to unwind as a community after a long week.  Expect something spooky too during the Halloween season.

To find out what awesome events we have planned for this semester, check out the Calendar page or follow us on Facebook. If you have an suggestions for a fun trip, let us know!