Welcome New and Old

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The leaders would like to take a second to welcome everyone back to school. We have so much planned for you all this upcoming year including:

4 new small groups spread throughout the week including book studies and a worship group
Pool parties!
Participation in the Alzheimer Walk in Burlington
T.G.I.F’s including Geeksboro, First Friday Downtown, and seeing a play at Triad Stage
Trip to the Children’s Home
Thanksgiving Dinner
Halloween Dance

We are super excited to see all of the Wesley-Luther members from previous years and to meet all of the new freshmen and transfer students. I hope that you got to have somewhat of a relaxing summer because you will definitely be busy with all of the activities Wesley-Luther has this fall. I think it is neat to take a step back and look at yourself this time last year. If you are anything like me you have probably changed. Knowing that you changed last year gives you an insight to what might happen this year. Although you never know how you might change it is cool to notice as you are growing up. I think it is better to use the word “growing” instead of “changing” because changing could have a negative connotation. I believe that even if you make some mistakes it always makes you a bit stronger so you can grow into the confident person we all know you are. As you are coming to UNCG this year recognize that you are going to know more about yourself, others, and the world than you do right now. Embrace it!

Can’t wait to see you all! Don’t forget we have events the weekend before school starts like Game Night, SNL, and on the first Monday of school we have dinner!!!!seedgrowth

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