Wandering Prayer

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 As humans we are so fixed on what we love. You would think for Christians that fixation would be directed to God but often times it is not. Usually it’s on what we are going to wear, buy, eat, drink, do, or some other materialistic thing. The thing we love is the world. This is really difficult for me to digest. I know that I should love God with all my heart but in reality I don’t. My mind is always focused on a goal or something that is going on in my life. So how do I turn my focus on God? Everything that I’ve read and heard has led me to believe that the answer to this is through prayer. But what if you begin to wander in prayer?

To use myself as an example, there are two different ways I wander during prayer. One way is that I begin to lose focus on what I was praying and about and the other way is that I avoid focusing on the things that I should be praying for.

There have been many times when I have been mid-prayer and all of sudden I begin to think about something that happened during the day or something that I need to do after praying. One way I deal with this is to pray that I can focus on what I need to say and allow other fluttering thoughts to pass. A way that I try to avoid this is by taking the time to slow down and prepare for prayer.

The other way I wander is I avoid praying about situations that are going on in my life. Every now and then I will reach a point where I choose something over God. Instead of talking to God about the problem I choose to ignore it. I pray as if nothing is wrong. The problem with this is that I separate this issue from God instead of letting God help me with it. So many times we are tempted to push our problems aside and pretend like God doesn’t see them but he does. He is in everything and to avoid dealing with our problems through him is missing an opportunity to be with him. It is in the moments that I remember that God is ALWAYS with me that he feels most real. This means that prayer is a conversation with God and not idle chit chat.

So the next time you are praying and you begin thinking about the rude thing the waiter said to you at dinner. Pray for him. Pray that he finds peace over whatever made him rude in the first place. This is how you keep God active and close to you in prayer.

“Prayer is where the action is.” –John Wesley

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