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transitionsLife is not a constant path we walk on, it is a trail of bumps and valleys and mountains. It changes sometimes very suddenly and sometimes the change has been coming for a while, but it still hits us hard when it gets here. Even if we try to prepare ourselves, changes are not something that we as humans do very gracefully or very naturally.

In just a couple of weeks some of my very dear friends will accept their diplomas and be graduates of UNCG. I have known this was going to take place. I remember thinking while I was on fall break, vacationing with my parents how many of my friends would graduate. I, like most people probably would, thought that May 2013 was such a long way from October 2012.

I remember back in the summer graduating from community college with my Associate’s degree. My next step was moving into my dorm, leaving behind my family and entering a place where I knew almost no one. That was a transition that while I had prepared for; I was not prepared at all for.

I think what I have learned from this and what another can glean from it is that changes come along, but we have to be willing to embrace them.  Ecclesiastes 8:6-8 says, “6For every matter has its time and way, although the troubles of mortals lie heavy upon them.Indeed, they do not know what is to be, for who can tell them how it will be? No one has power over the wind to restrain the wind, or power over the day of death; there is no discharge from the battle, nor does wickedness deliver those who practice it.”

God has a plan for all our lives; everything has a time in our earthly walk. While some will be leaving behind dear friends, others will pick up where they leave off. The friendships we have built with each other I pray stay firm, and though they might get distant they will not be broken. God has a plan for our lives; we honestly cannot see it sometimes very clearly. It is through these changes that we grow and our faith is tested and strengthened. Transitions: they are bittersweet, but if we embrace them and hold fast the promises of God, what an amazing ride it will be.

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