Shane Claiborne @ UNCG, Jan 22nd 7:30pm

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Join us January 22nd at 7:30pm in the EUC auditorium, as Shane Claiborne talks about “Tearing Down the Walls” that divide us.  This event is a wonderful oppornutiy to gather as a faith community and be inspired to make a difference.

The event is open to the public and no reservations are needed, although if bringing a large group please email Andrew Mails ( for planning purpouses.

Parking for the event is available in the Walker Ave. Parking Deck.  The EUC is directly across from the 3rd level exit to the deck.


About Shane, from,

Bestselling Author, Prominent Christian Activist, Sought-after Speaker and Recovering Sinner

With tears and laughter, Shane Claiborne unveils the tragic messes we’ve made of our world and the tangible hope that another world is possible. Shane graduated from Eastern University, and did graduate work at Princeton Seminary. His ministry experience is varied, from a 10-week stint working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, to a year spent serving a wealthy mega-congregation at Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago. During the recent war in Iraq, Shane spent three weeks in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team. Shane is also a founding partner of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia that has helped to birth and connect radical faith communities around the world.

Shane writes and travels extensively speaking about peacemaking, social justice, and Jesus. He is featured in the DVD series “Another World Is Possible” and is the author of the several books including The Irresistible Revolution, Jesus for President, and Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers. Shane speaks over 100 times a year in a dozen or so countries and nearly every state in the US. Shane has given academic seminars at Vanderbilt University, Duke University Pepperdine University, Wheaton College, Princeton University, Goshen College and Harvard University. Shane also speaks at various denominational gatherings, festivals, and conferences around the globe. Shane’s work has been featured in everything from Fox News and the Wall Street Journal to CNN and National Public Radio.

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