New Adventures

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PrayerTrying new things and going on new adventures can be exciting and nerve racking. When doing something new it requires us to look out, past our comfort zone. We make predictions at the start of every New Year, every birthday, and every new relationship, etc. to make it better than the times before. However, what often happens is we get discouraged with ourselves too quickly. If we are not seeing the satisfying results that we expect to see right away then we will quickly fall back into old habits and in turn think “woe is me.”

I want to take a moment to pass on some techniques that may make these new changes go as smooth as possible:

1)      If you think back to the last church service you attended, you were probably told “May the peace of Christ be with you.” and you responded “And also with you,” or some variation of words to that effect. These are not just words that were thrown together, but words that should let you know that the peace of God is in every aspect of our lives. So you may not have stuck to something yesterday that you said you were going to try and do, but because Christ lives in you, you can find peace in all the emotions that you are feeling.

2)      Whenever you try something new, no matter how big or small, you cannot help to feel a little lost. You may find yourself asking “Where do I go from here?” or “What is going on now?” These are completely legitimate questions for any new experience. Even with the littlest of changes, we can pray to ask for direction. We are taught that God will never abandon us; remember though, when we feel the most alone, that is really when he is closest. By faithfully seeking God in prayer, you start to understand where God really wants you to be.

3)      The last thing I will mention here is the fact that we have to have faith not only in ourselves that we can fulfill these new changes, but the faith in God that he would not lead us anywhere that we were not meant to be. Every “failed” weight loss plan, broken relationships, past school, and so on are all apart of God’s plan for you. You may think “woe is me” at the moment, but ten years from now you will be able to see the little miracles that came from each one of your new adventures.

As you make these new plans in this New Year, remember that everything you attempt will have an impact on your life. Whether or not you complete your main goal, it will all have been a part of God’s plan for you.

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