Living In Your Head

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Stop. What are you thinking about right now? Were you starting to reconsider your major? Are you procrastinating on that 5 page paper due tomorrow? In either case, I bet you were worrying about how you’ll be able to get through it or maybe you can’t help but worry incessantly about the next big thing marked in red on your planner.

Now, I hope that you will be still and read on. At certain points in our lives, there are an overwhelming amount of things that we must think about in order to make decisive courses of action. For those of you who are like myself, decisions aren’t exactly the easiest thing to make.

While most of us enjoy being in control of our lives, it’s difficult to choose what path to take because we know the gravity of the responsibility we face whether the decision is right or wrong. Often, this process causes us to think, and think a lot. We may stop living in the moment and focus solely on these thoughts that soon become a burden on our lives.

Do you know what happens when we do this? These thoughts about the seemingly huge decisions we have to make take over every joy in our lives and make us lose sight of the knowledge that God is with us and he will take care of us through life’s good and bad decisions. If I know anything about my faith, I know that God’s comfort and presence is what keeps me sane in even the most nerve-wracking moments.

Don’t let life get in the way of what’s really important in the end. It may be one scary test now, but in the end it won’t be the grade you remember, it will be the memories you miss out on when you allow life to interfere with your relationships, especially God’s.

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