Just Stop….

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It has been an amazing start to the semester.  I am having a hard time believing that an entire week of this fall 2012 has already passed.

Over the past days at WL we have heard a lot about peace.  I am sure at this point, even a week in, you are tired (I know I am) and are already being pulled in many directions. Remind yourself that at times you have to stop.  Just stop.  Everything.  Be still, see and listen to what is around you.  Take time to slow down.  In scripture Jesus spends a great deal of time talking about peace.  It is even the first words he speaks to the disciples when he appears to them in the upper room after the Resurrection.

Make sure you have space for God’s peace in your life.  Because in that peace we find the hope of things greater, and with that hope we can find the strength to love more than we thought possible.   It is in that peace that we can discover how greatly our heavenly Father loves us, and how much we deserve to love our neighbors.  For it is in the sharing of love, born first of peace and then of hope, that we will truly know God.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in fixing or delivering the lunches to Alderman Elementary.  During two of the busiest weeks of your college career you took time on 6 days to care for young people who otherwise would have gone hungry.  What an amazing way to start a year!

Labor Day weekend is packed with 2 great events!

The first is “Renew” our 2012 fall prayer retreat.  This is a wonderful chance to relax in a great vacation home, spend time in devotion and see some beautiful trails and waterfalls in the mountains of Virginia.  Space is limited so reserve your place now.  Click here: http://www.wesleyluther.org/press/ministries/retreats/renew-fall-retreat-2012

Scholarships are available for part or all of the cost of the trip.

We are also having a pool party and barbeque Labor Day at 6pm, just a few blocks off campus.  All are welcome, and we hope you will come out and meet some new people, or catch up with an old friend.  Watch for an email with more info about this annual event.

Remember no matter the storm, God is with you, and that peace, love, and hope shall always be yours.  May the Peace of God, which passes all human understanding, keep your hearts safe in the love of Christ Jesus.



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