Freshmen Fellowship

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Freshmen Fellowship is doing better than we could have ever imagined this year.  We meet at 6:06 every Tuesday to share a meal together at the caff.  At our last meeting we filled up three whole tables and we will gladly move tables together to create enough room to grow!  We have a higher attendance at this event this year than we ever had last year, which is great.  This is a chance for freshmen to meet other freshmen, to laugh, and to take a break from the piles of homework the professors throw at us.  This is also a good time for us at Wesley-Luther to meet and get to know the freshmen.  Adapting into college takes a while and most everyone that has gone to freshmen fellowship in years past will say that this helped entering into college.  Most of the classes that we have as students we are in a room with tons of other students and we get lectured at for an hour and leave.  There are not too many chances to be seen as an individual in this huge University; but Freshmen Fellowship is one of those places.  We have a good time so far and we plan to continue this event every Tuesday at 6:06.

Freshmen, Hope to see you there!

Emily Saine


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