We-Lu, Do You?

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We Lu, Do You? Is a new blog series created by the We-Lu leadership team that will go up every Wednesday. So what is the purpose of this blog? Our goal in creating it is to get more people involved in conversations. And when we say conversations we don’t mean, “What shoes should I wear tomorrow?” or, “Do you think Jill from Biology has a crush on me?” We are talking about open and honest conversations about our lives and the world around us.

As Christians, meaningful conversation is important for so many reasons.

One, it means that we are with at least one other person. Jesus never says that we need to take a path alone or that we must deal with our problems alone. He wants us to be together and to help each other through our struggles.

Two, it creates a place where God can have a presence. I’m sure you’ve all heard the verse, Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Having conversations brings us closer to God and allows us to grow spiritually.

The third reason, and for some probably the hardest to get past, is that it forces us to look deep into ourselves. In shallow conversations it is so easy to just skim the surface and only look at the issues that everyone can see. If we never break that surface, how do we know who we really are? Humans aren’t perfect and if we avoid our imperfections, we lose sight of the part of us that makes us human.

Let’s face it, sometimes we get caught up in shallow conversations and that’s ok. As long as we don’t lose sight that that is all they are and know that we should take every opportunity that we can to engage in meaningful conversation with one another. This is how we can grow together and grow closer to God.

Every week a different leader will put up a post about whatever is on their mind. This may be something on the news, something they are reading about, a situation students are going through, or anything else under the sun. We want to talk about things that you want to talk about so please leave your feedback and suggestions!

See you in a week!

On behalf of the Leadership Team,

Jessica Gregory

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