Thankful – even in the end of things…

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It is often scary when we get to the end of things.  There is something about the closing of chapters and of periods in our life that makes us lament their passing.  Perhaps it is that we fear what is beyond.  Perhaps it is that we become old friends with the joy and pain that are now.  Whatever it is that drives us, we fiercely cling and hold on to what is. So strong is this natural resistance to move on that it does not matter if our current place is good or bad, harmful or uplifting.  It only seems to matter that it is ours – that it is safe and familiar.

I talk a lot about the closing of chapters in our life.  Perhaps that is the consequence of the loss of so many I have loved – of so many who poured into my life and left this world far too soon.
We are approaching Thanksgiving, the day we remember all we are thankful for and celebrate the lives of all those who are a part of our story.  We pause to recognize the song of their lives ringing still as a faint echo in the song of our lives.  We remember how their melodies and harmonies shape what is and what is to come.  We remember how they spoke, loved and lived Christ into our lives.  We celebrate the glory of God in the lives of the saints – our saints.   And we give thanks.

Yet it is alright for there to be a certain sadness.  It is alright to also mourn the loss of those we love so very much … and who love us in a way that made us see God face to face.  We can laugh, sing and cry all at the same time.  It is OK for us to miss what was, and be afraid of what is to come.

But tomorrow still must come.  And we must find ways to greet the come of a new dawn even as the evening closes.  We must remember that the dawn is breaking and nothing can stop its light.  Not pain, nor loss, not fear, or even death can overcome the ever-abiding peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

[quote]So abide with us Lord.  Abide with us and give us thankful hearts.  Abide through us in our good times and bad.  Help us to be a part of the never-ending song of your love, from generation to generation.[/quote]

I Pray that you find a way to live into the lives of other.  Raise a song, a choir with others.  Serve, give find what is best in yourself by seeing the true humanity of others.
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.  May the Lord bless you and give you peace.

In Christ,

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