And so it begins…

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Well you are here!  Welcome!  Another year of college is about to get underway for each of you at UNCG.    

Wesley-Luther has big year planned.  I know you have already received some invites and emails but I would like to personally invite you to be a part of We-Lu this coming year.  From worship, to service, Bible study to fellowship I hope you will find time to nurture your spiritual side in the busy days of college.

This year we will be talking about “The Unknown” – how life can be so unpredictable and how sadness and joy can come and go so quickly.  We will talk about how we find a very real, loving, close God in a world that can be so very confusing and so very big.  We will talk about justice, faith, love, hope and loss and how we meet Christ in each.

I hope to see you at Game Night tonight, the Movie Night tomorrow, Service on Sunday or the Fellowship Dinner on Monday.  More information about each is available at or on Facebook  And don’t forget the new lounge is always open for you in the ACM.

I hope each of you will know God’s grace and peace in this coming year.  I hope that you will find the strength to be a voice for justice, and a trans-formative presence on this campus.  Each day Wesley-Luther will try to change our campus and our world to be a place more reflective of the love of Christ – I hope you will be a part of that.

May the Lord bless and keep you always,


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